iHeat Xfer
Heat Transfer Calculator for the iPhone and iPad

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Solve complex heat transfer problems or applications!  Save time
doing tedious calculations and eliminating calculation errors.  Calculates
power required to heat box and cylinder shapes as well as heated
streams of liquids and gas mixtures.  Provides a detailed email
summary for archiving calculations or sharing with others.  This is a must
have app if you need to determine the proper sized electric heater for a heating application.  Use it to check heat transfer problems in classes.  Buy it on the Apple App Store for a very low price!

  • Over 230 common industrial materials and their thermal properties can be selected to heat.
  • Shapes can be solid or filled containers with insulation.
  • Custom materials can be used by putting in user specified thermal and material properties.
  • A detailed email summary can be used to verify calculations and save as an archive or for sharing.
  • Heated streams can be solved with various liquids and gas mixtures.
  • Additional calculators and material reference are time saving tools that are included.
  • Pressurized Gases can be specified in the object or gas stream.
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